Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Final Regular-Season Weekend

If there's anything this weekend taught me, it's to be prepared for anything. I actually didn't get any autographs this weekend, though I probably should have.

I went to Albany for a wedding on Friday and it turned out there was a new movie being shot around the corner that would involve Will Ferrell and Jerry Seinfeld in some capacity. Unfortunately, neither were actually there as they were only filming action shots with stunt doubles. I did, however, get to see a dummy of Ferrell in a bullet-riddled Prius.

On Friday night I walked to my car through the hotel lobby and noticed a big white bus pulling up. As I was walking outside, the entire New York Nets team got off the bus. I've never tried getting basketball players' autographs, and I'm not sure if there's anybody even worth getting on that team, but it was crazy to see just how tall the majority of these guys when you're standing next to them in an elevator.

On Sunday we headed to Boston to look for apartments and decided to go down to Fenway to watch the end of the regular season across the street at Cask & Flagon. After the game was over, we headed over to the players' parking lot to see Pedroia, Varitek, and Papi each drive off to a loud ovation.

I of course didn't come prepared with sharpies or cards, but I did get a picture with Michael Bowden. He had just won his first game of the season, and graciously took pictures and signed autographs for everyone that was willing to wait. Fortunately I already had his 09 Topps card signed on 2 different occasions so I settled with just getting a picture.

The lesson here is, always be prepared with a sharpie and something to sign because you never know who you're going to bump into.

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