Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Take on Upper Deck 2010: FAIL.

I don't really do product reviews on here, but I bought a pack of 2010 Upper Deck at Target tonight because they were out of '10 Topps, and I figured I'd see how they've adapted by not having official MLB logos. The base cards aren't particularly bad, but I wanted to share the non-regular cards that I pulled in this pack.

  1. Chipper Jones and Kenshin Kawakami checklist card- I guess they've just never seen eye to eye. Kind of a strange composition for this card.
  2. Josh Johnson "Supreme" insert card- I guess this takes the place of the Starquest cards from the past few years, but there doesn't seem to be much improvement. The metallic foil card hearkens back to the days of late 90's Fleer products that went by the formula "Shiny Things Is Good!"
  3. Evan Longoria "Biography" insert- Did you like the 2008 Documentary set? No? Well too bad, because now it's an insert set! This card has no shiny to speak of at all, and has a much less interesting look than the base cards.
  4. Mariah Carey/??? Celebrity Predictors- I will never buy another pack of Upper Deck 2010 as a result of pulling this card. The card is perforated down the middle, so I guess you're supposed to tear them apart and collect them as mini's? I don't know who is actually on this card, because they couldn't even get the rights to these celebrities' names. The back of the guy's mini card has the following brilliant nugget of information:
"This talented rapper/actor/comedian fell down the rabbit hole in 2008 when he met and married his larger than life queen. How will the fantasy end? Will the rabbit lead him to his wonderland or will the cat distract him with her glittering eyes and drive him mad as a hatter?"

What? Fail.

If the Celebrity Predictor card is a preview of what's to come, I can only assume that next year's baseball cards will be completely void of team names, player names, or statistics, and will just be caricatures of various players.

But seriously, who doesn't want a card of Prince Fielder in a sailors' outfit juggling chickens while riding a unicycle?

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