Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 TTM Returns: Tony LaRussa & Dan Runzler

  • Tony LaRussa 1/1- I sent a few cards to the Cardinals skipper last year not knowing that he only signed one card at a time, so I re-sent his 2009 Topps card and received it today. The envelope was postmarked from Chicago, so I guess he took his mail on the road when the Cards visited the Cubs over the weekend. Sent 5/27 (62 days)
  • Dan Runzler 2/2- I know absolutely nothing about this guy, but I bought a pack each of 2010 Topps and Allen & Ginter a few weeks ago, and each pack had a rookie card of him. Mr. Runzler signed both cards very quickly from San Francisco. Sent 7/17 (12 days)

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