Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buffalo Bisons @ Pawtucket Red Sox, 8/15

This was my first time using a notebook to get cards signed, and it was also my first time to McCoy Stadium. I couldn't have been less prepared.

The layout of this stadium makes it very difficult to get access to players. Unless you're sitting in the field-level executive suites, you have to either find a player to throw things down to, or place your cards/balls on a string and dangle it in front of the dugouts like a lazy attempt at fishing for autographs.

I didn't have many cards for either teams, but I was excited to see Pedroia rehab. This made it very crowded around the PawSox dugout, so the only luck I had was over on the Bisons side.

Here's how I did:
  • Chad Cordero 1/1- Chad signed an 09 Topps Heritage that I threw down to him. He made a spectacular leap up to hand me the sharpie and card back.
  • Michael Barrett 6/6- My notebook pays off! I've held onto cards of this guy for at least a decade back when he was a rookie with the Expos. It was nice to get a bunch of cards done that I've kept from the days when I was younger and had more time to dedicate to this hobby.
That was it. Nobody that I needed on the PawSox side signed anyways. I can see why most people just graph in the parking lot of this place, because inside it's incredibly difficult.

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