Friday, February 25, 2011

4 Spring Training Returns: Zimmerman, Rzcepczynski, Gaudin, Perez

Marc Rzepczynski 1/2- The young Blue Jays pitcher kept my 09 Topps and signed his 2010 Topps card. Sent 2/12 (13 days)
Jordan Zimmerman 1/2- Jordan signed a 2010 Topps and kept my 2009 U&H. Sent 2/12 (13 days)
Chris Perez 2/2- The Indians closer signed his 09 Topps U&H, as well as my first 2011 Topps card. Sent 2/15 (10 days)
Chad Gaudin 2/2- Chad signed his 09 Topps U&H and 08 Topps cards. He wrote his different jersey numbers for the A's and Yankees on each respective card. Sent 2/14 (11 days)


  1. I just got Gaudin back, too. And what's with the first two guys replacing cards? don't they know that you're trying to complete a set here?!

  2. I actually sent 2 cards to each of them, but they decided to keep my 2009 cards and just sign the 2010 cards. Oh well, that's what I get for being greedy I guess.