Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Training Return: Orlando Hudson

This was my 2nd attempt sending to Hudson during spring training. A few weeks ago, I sent him two Dodgers cards not realizing that he didn't sign anything related to his time with the L.A. club. He returned the cards unsigned with the following note:

I decided to re-send a few Diamondbacks cards of Hudson a few days ago, and quickly received a return today. He signed his 09 Topps base card and returned his 08 Allen & Ginter unsigned, with this note regarding the A&G card:

While I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get all of my cards signed, I really like that Hudson included these notes with each return. Even though they're not actually signed, I'm going to hang onto them since they're a neat way of learning a little bit more about a player.

  • Orlando Hudson 1/2- Signed 09 Topps card. Sent 3/5 (9 days)

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