Friday, July 1, 2011

Pack Break: 2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Thank you, Dennis Rodman.

You're the only familiar (and still unsettling) face in this pack of multi-sport cards that I mistakenly bought for $4. I wasn't paying attention when I bought it and assumed it was a continuation of the baseball series from two years ago. I had heard of Amanda Beard and knew she was a Playboy cover model, but couldn't tell you what sport she was involved in. Fortunately, she signs through the mail, which is a little more difficult with two of the other athletes in this pack that have been dead for over half a century. Can you guess which ones they are? (Hint: They're not wearing 10 gallon cowboy hats.)

It was nice to get a jersey card, but I wish my knowledge of hockey was a little bit deeper so I'd know who Eric Lindros was. The artwork on the cards is nice enough, but the continued lack of team logos of any sort is disappointing. Lindros' jersey doesn't even have numbers on it, so it looks like something that would be worn in a Pee-Wee scrimmage.

There are supposed to be 5 cards per pack, but I had 6 in this one. Usually when you pull something thick like a memorabilia card, there's one card less per pack, but somehow I ended up with one extra.

And that means one less Dennis Rodman for someone else.


  1. um, sounds like you got a good pack. An Eric Lindros jersey card is pretty cool.

  2. It is a pretty cool card, I just wish his picture was a little more interesting. I've only been following hockey for a few years so I'm not familiar with him, but it looks like most of his success was with Junior and Olympic teams.