Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Training TTM: Nyjer Morgan

  • Nyjer Morgan 3/3- I met this guy during interleague play last season when the Brewers visited Fenway, and he was a riot every time I saw him. "Tony Plush" is generous when it comes to TTM autographs; he signed his 08 Allen & Ginter, plus two different cards from the 12 Topps set. Sent 3/1 (9 days)
The NLCS highlights card is one of my favorite from the set. It reminds me of the days when Sports Illustrated for Kids would put a picture of a silly baseball card in the back of the magazine and ask for submissions for a funny caption. Somebody should revive that concept for their blog! Sent


  1. nice return! It is funny how he signs in the top corner hahah

  2. I saw somebody sent him a Nats card and he signed it over his face, I'm surprised he signed it at all though. Last year at Fenway he refused to sign Nats cards, "cuz the Nationals suck!"