Monday, May 28, 2012

Tigers @ Red Sox, 5/28

The crowned Prince came to town today, accompanied by about 25 of his faithful graphing subjects.  Unfortunately, his chariot was late arriving to the coliseum, so there were no autographs to be had.

Despite no autographs from Fielder or Cabrera, I still had a solid day.  I knocked out two different Gerald Laird cards for my set, who was sporting the gimongous World Series ring he won with the Cardinals last season.

  • Joaquin Benoit- 11 Topps
  • Duane Below- 11 Bowman Chrome RC
  • Doug Fister- 11 Topps
  • Alex Avila- 12 Gypsy Queen
  • Rick Porcello- 09 Topps U&H
  • Max Scherzer- 09 Allen & Ginter
  • Gerald Laird- 09 Topps X2


  1. Can I ask a silly question? Do you show up early to BP to get autos, or do you wait outside near the player entrance or something similar? I've never managed to get in person autos at the ballpark and was just curious how you did it. Do you have a big giant stack of everyone on the visiting team, or do you just bring a couple you're trying to get that day? I would be terrified of asking for an auto and handing a guy the wrong card.

  2. I do both inside and outside, depending on whether I have tickets to the game or have to work that day. I never limit myself to just a few people, I try to have cards for everyone on the team. For those players I don't have cards for, I'll try to get them to sign team cards with group photos or stadium shots on them. Asking a guy to sign the wrong card comes up from time to time, but that comes with the territory. Most of the time there are enough other people around that can spot guys in their street clothes, but if you go frequently enough you'll start to recognize guys.