Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First In-Person Autograph of the Year: Will Middlebrooks

Started off the year with an open house at Fenway on Saturday. Daniel Nava and Will Middlebrooks were there to give hitting tips in the batting cages and play MLB: The Show with some kids in a video game tournament. I didn't get there in time for Nava, but I got two cards signed and a pic with Middlebrooks while he was in the batting cage. He was really friendly and seemed to be having a fun time giving tips to the kids while they hit balls off the tee.

Most of the stadium was available to explore, including the home and visitors' clubhouses. They also had an open tryout for a new PA announcer on the EMC club level, and I gave it a shot just for kicks. It was fun to get in the PA booth and hear my own voice over the entire stadium, but I don't think I'll be getting a call back from the Red Sox anytime soon.

  • Will Middlebrooks- 12 Topps RC, 12 Topps RC gold border

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