Friday, November 1, 2013

Championship Graphing- Shane Victorino!

After watching the Sox clinch across the street from Fenway on Wednesday night, and wandering the streets of Boston for Halloween last night, I was fortunate enough to have a day off of work to recover today.  I didn't get a chance to do any graphing during the playoff run, but I found out earlier today that Shane Victorino would be signing autographs at Macy's in downtown Boston.  The first 200 people that made a purchase of $35 or more would be allowed to get one item signed, but it had to be one of the items that you bought at the store.  They had nothing but hats and t-shirts, so I bought one of each and figured I'd just get the hat signed.  I knew going into it that it would be a longshot to get an outside item done, especially given the extensive list of rules they gave out at the event:

There were several people checking to make sure that the only item you had to get signed was either a hat or t-shirt.  I had brought my cards with me just in case.  They were taking any bags that you were carrying, so the only thing in your hands when you got to the table was the item you were getting signed.  I realized my only chance of getting a card signed was to hide it inside the hat and reveal it when I got up to the table.  Even then, I had my doubts that Victorino would do it.  I guess the championship has kept him in a pretty good mood, because he discreetly signed my card and gave a smile.  

  • Shane Victorino- 09 Topps

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