Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Fever! 5 Returns

One Red Sox return from Friday:

  • Daniel Bard 2/2- The rising Red Sox reliever (like that alliteration?) signed cards from the 2009 Updates & Highlights and T206 sets. I was very happy to get this one back, as Bard will probably take Papelbon's job if Paps decides to try out free agency.
Today brought my biggest mail load of the season. One return from last year, and three returns from Spring Training:

  • Jeff Kent 2/2- Now that he's retired, Mr. Kent apparently runs a successful chain of ATV dealerships. These were sent out c/o Kent Powersports in San Antonio back in November. Sent 11/17 (130 days)
  • J.J. Putz 2/2- The new White Sox acquisition signed cards from the Topps and O-Pee-Chee sets of last year. Sent 3/8 (19 days)
  • Ricky Nolasco 1/2- Signed my Topps 09 base card, but kept the card that featured his little league picture from the "When They Were Young" insert set. Sent 3/10 (17 days)
  • Frank Catalanotto 2/2- Frank signed his cards from both the Topps 09 base and Updates & Highlights sets. Very quick turn around and a nice signature. Sent 3/16 (11 days)
Spring Training Success Rate: 26/73 (35.6%)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 More Pitching Returns: Volquez, Bell, & Parra

I've received three National League spring training returns between today and yesterday:

  • Edinson Volquez 2/2- Mr. Volquez signed two cards from Reds camp in about 2 weeks. Sent 3/8 (15 days)
  • Heath Bell 2/2- Both of these cards are from the Topps Updates & Highlights set, which I have started to send a few cards out from. It's nice to see some new faces on a card base that I've grown to love. Sent 3/5 (19 days)
  • Manny Parra 2/2- Manny signed cards from the '09 Topps and Upper Deck sets for my longest spring training return thus far. Sent 2/13 (39 days)
Spring Training Success Rate: 22/73 (30.1%)

Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Recent Spring Training Returns

  • Alexei Ramirez 2/2- The Cuban Missile signed Topps and Upper Deck cards from last year's sets from Camelback Ranch in Arizona. Sent 3/8 (12 days)
  • Brian Anderson 1/1- Brian spent a short period of time with the Red Sox last season, but is now playing for the Kansas City Royals. His signature looks really nice on the horizontal card. Sent 2/16 (34 days)
Spring Training Success Rate: 19/73 (26%)

Friday, March 19, 2010

3 Pitcher Returns from Spring Training

A few more spring training returns today and yesterday:

  • John Maine 2/2- John signed a 2009 Topps and 2008 Allen & Ginter in a little over one week from Mets spring training. Sent 3/8 (10 days)
  • Matt Capps 2/2- The newly acquired Nationals pitcher signed cards from the 2009 Topps and Heritage sets. Longest spring training return so far. Sent 2/13 (34 days)
  • Andrew Carpenter 2/2- This rookie pitcher from the Phillies signed his 2009 Topps and Bowman rookie cards. Sent 3/10 (9 days)

Spring Training Success Rate: 17/73 (23.2%)

Monday, March 15, 2010

2 Quick Spring Training Returns

Today I received the following:

  • Ty Wigginton 1/2- Ty signed an 09 Topps Heritage card from last year, and kept my 09 Topps Updates & Highlights card. Sent 3/8 (7 days)
  • Matt LaPorta 2/2- The return from this top Indians prospect marks my first signed card from the 09 Topps Updates & Highlights set, as well as the 2010 Topps Heritage set. In addition to the cards, he sent a typed slip of paper thanking me for my request, along with a bible verse. Another quick return! Sent 3/8 (7 days)
On Saturday I received a return from Curtis Granderson, but he no longer signs personal items. However, he did return my cards unsigned and included a 5X7 postcard signed in silver sharpie.

Spring Training Success Rate: 14/71 (19.7%)

Friday, March 12, 2010

2 Returns: Geoff Jenkins & Mark Buehrle

It's been a painfully slow week for returns, but I got cards back from two accomplished veterans:

  • Geoff Jenkins 2/2- I sent Geoff two cards c/o his home address, as he is still looking for a team to sign on with at this time. Hopefully somebody will pick him up before Opening Day, as I'm sure he'd be a good off-the-bench guy for a team that needs a little extra depth. Sent 2/16 (21 days)
  • Mark Buehrle 1/1- I was very excited to get this one back today. After his perfect game last season, it seemed as though Mark was strictly signing Sports Illustrated covers. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find this card when I returned home from work. Sent 2/13 (27 days)
Spring Training Success Rate: 11/69 (15.9%)

Monday, March 8, 2010

2 Spring Training Returns and a Hall of Famer

Returns have been slow the past few days, but I've had a few more cards come back:
  • Mat Gamel 2/3- Mat signed 2009 Bowman and 2009 T206 rookie cards, but unfortunately didn't sign my Topps base card for my set. He looks like a promising talent for the Brewers that complements a nice young core in Milwaukee. Sent 2/19 (13 days)
  • Shairon Martis 2/2- Martis, a pitching prospect for the Nationals, signed a 2009 Topps and 2009 Bowman rookie card for me. Sent 2/13 (23 days)
  • Paul Molitor 1/1- I sent a 93 Donruss to the legendary Brewers/Twins Hall of Famer last July, and recently received it back signed in thin blue marker. Sent 7/22 (230 days)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Training Round 2: A Flock of Returns from the Jays and O's

Over the past several days I've had a few more cards trickling in from Spring Training:

  • David Purcey 1/1- 2009 Topps, Personalized with jersey number. Sent 2/13 (13 days)
  • Jesse Litsch 1/1- '09 Topps signed in blue. Sent 2/13 (14 days)
  • Koji Uehara 2/2- '09 Topps and '09 Upper Deck. Sent 2/11 (15 days)
  • Aaron Hill 3/3- Aaron was a breakout star for the Blue Jays last year, and I was lucky to get three cards signed by him: '09 Topps, '09 UD, and '06 Bowman Heritage. Sent 2/20 (10 days)
I'm hoping that this week will bring many more returns now that everyone has reported to their respective camps. Opening Day is only about a month away!