Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Training Return: Greg Reynolds

  • Greg Reynolds 2/2- Greg signed a 2008 Allen & Ginter and 2009 Topps from Rockies Spring Training in Arizona. Sent 3/8 (52 days)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Orioles @ Red Sox

This past weekend, the Orioles were in town to play at Fenway. I went for a few hours after work on Saturday before the game and managed to get Jeremy Guthrie and another Orioles player on blank cards.

I went to the game on Sunday with no luck outside the stadium since they were heading out on the road after the game, but I got lucky inside.
  • Boof Bonser- signed a 2008 Topps card
  • Scott Atchison- signed my game ticket, lost the game
  • Bob Montgomery- former Red Sox player/commentator signed a photo card as part of Autograph Alley
  • John Lackey- For the second week in a row, I managed to get the new Sox pitcher on a card. John signed my 2009 Topps card last week and signed the 2010 Topps this week.
The outcome of the game was disappointing, but it was a decent day for autographs.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rays @ Red Sox, 4/18

It was a miserable day with a miserable game to match, but I was lucky and got John Lackey's autograph along the first base line before the game started. Over at the Red Sox Team Store's Autograph Alley, I got a 5X7 photo signed by former 1950's utility infield Ted Lepcio.

Since today's Patriot Day game started at 11, I decided to try for autographs outside the stadium before work. Nobody else was around, but I was denied by Pat Burrell and BJ Upton. The hour I spent at Fenway wasn't a total wash, however, as I managed to get Rays rookie pitcher Wade Davis on a baseball.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Training Return: Mike Napoli

One return from Spring Training yesterday:
  • Mike Napoli 2/2- Mike signed a 2008 Topps Heritage and 2009 Topps for my collection. Sent 3/8 (34 days)
Spring Training Success Rate: 33/73 (45%)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

4 Returns: Baseball Season is Upon Us!

My Spring Training success rate continues to climb as a few players have gotten around to their fan mail from the past few months.

  • Lyle Overbay 1/2- Sent 2/20 (43 days)
  • Chris Volstad 2/2- Sent 2/12 (52 days)
  • Adam Jones 3/3- One of my favorite non-Red Sox players. A great young talent with a big future in store, and definitely one of the more fan-friendly players in the game right now. Sent 2/15 (51 days)
  • Kila Ka'Aihue 2/2- Sent 2/17 (49 days)

Spring Training Success Rate: 32/73 (43%)

I was fortunate enough to go to Opening Day at Fenway on Sunday. The pre-game ceremonies were great, and the game was especially exciting. This was my first Opening Day in over 20 years, and hopefully I'll be able to go annually now that I'm living back in the Boston area. I was hoping that the fresh start of a new season would mean great autograph opportunities before the game outside the stadium, but almost no one stopped to sign. I was fortunate enough to get Daniel Bard on a Topps card he had signed less than 2 weeks prior through the mail, but now I have one without a personalization for my collection.

  • Daniel Bard- 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights RC

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2 More Spring Training Returns: Milton Bradley & Dustin McGowan

The returns from Spring Training have started to slow down now that Opening Day is almost here, but I still managed to get a few back over the past few days.

  • Dustin McGowan 1/1- Mr. McGowan signed his base card from the 09 Topps set from Blue Jays spring training camp. Sent 2/13 (44 days)
  • Milton Bradley 3/3- He always seems to be viewed in a negative light, but despite the criticisms, Milton Bradley is still a great signer. He signed 2 different cards from the 09 Topps set, as well as an 09 O-Pee-Chee. I was very happy to get his signature on the Mauer/Pedroia/Bradley combo card, especially considering how difficult it would be to get the other two. Sent 2/15 (44 days)
Spring Training Success Rate: 28/73 (38.3%)