Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bruins Legends Classic- First Autographs of 2010 !

Today I went to the Bruins Legends Classic at Fenway Park. Although it was just an exhibition game featuring celebrities and alumni, it was still very fun to be at Fenway watching hockey while it was snowing. I brought some blank white baseball cards, and my first autograph of the year came from Neal McDonough from Desperate Housewives and Band of Brothers. I got him in the players' parking lot area as I was walking towards the entrance gates.

As soon as I got through the gates, I rushed over to the Red Sox dugout where all the participants would be coming out. After a warm-up practice, all the players walked back down to the dugout. Some were throwing out practice pucks, and I managed to catch one from former Bruins player Ken Hodge.

My big score of the day was an autograph from Keifer Sutherland, who was incredibly friendly and completely opposite from the "Jack Bauer" persona he plays on 24.

It was a great day to start off my 2010 autograph collection, and I'll never forget the sight of 30,000+ fans watching a hockey game at Fenway in the snow.

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