Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yankees @ Red Sox, 4/9: Good Karma Pays Off

This morning I tried to get Yankees autographs before the game outside Fenway, but to no avail. Even worse, the Red Sox lost yet again.

Luckily, I was able to get some good karma going during batting practice.

When the gates opened, I immediately headed down the first place line in hopes of seeing the full Boston bullpen working out. Unfortunately, the Yankees had already taken the field for batting practice, and there wasn't a single Red Sox player in sight. Robinson Cano was tossing balls to the sparse crowd from the infield, and I missed the first one thrown towards me, crushing a plastic card case in my pocket in the process. A few minutes later, a little boy on crutches came up next to me, and I immediately thought, "this kid should have a ball."

At this point I noticed Jon Lester doing an interview with Ken Rosenthal for Fox Sports along the first baseline. Cano continued to throw balls into the crowd, but to the far left and right of me. The last ball he threw went straight to me, and I immediately gave it to the kid next to me. At that point I decided I'd have no luck going for Sox autographs, so I started walking towards the other side of the park. As I was about to leave the area, Lester finished his interview and started signing up a storm right as I walked to the end of the dugout.

I was lucky enough to get Lester to sign a card, and I like to think it was good karma from giving the little boy a ball since he's not the easiest autograph to get these days. It made me feel even better about doing a nice thing for a little kid and getting something unexpectedly good in return. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  • Jon Lester- 2009 Topps

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