Thursday, May 5, 2011

Angels @ Red Sox, 5/4

Last night was perhaps the most unique baseball game I've been to, and I didn't even stay for the entire game. The rain delay started at the top of the 5th inning. Ervin Santana had already thrown 4 hitless innings, so I didn't want to leave early in case he had the chance to continue pitching something momentous.

During the 2 1/2 hour rain delay, I got to see the final period of the Bruins game on the nice new HD board out in center field. I had a $12 bleacher ticket, but spent the entire game 3 rows from the field on the 3rd base line because of the constant rain. Once the delay finally let up, the atmosphere was transformed into a late-night minor league game.

Less than 5,000 fans left in the park. Every taunt and jeer could be heard in the stands and on the field. Everyone was offered a complimentary Dunkin Donuts' coffee or hot chocolate. The clock struck midnight. Was I really still at Fenway Park?

It was a pretty surreal experience.

I had to leave in the top of the 7th to catch the last train home, and by the time I got home the game was in the bottom of the 9th. I stayed up to watch all the way to the 13th inning, barely able to keep my eyes open. They showed shots of the crowd and I saw the girl that had been sitting next to me the entire time, at 2:30 AM, still watching the game as intently as she was seven hours prior.

Since it was raining when I got to the stadium, everyone took BP inside, so autographs were tough. I did see Torii Hunter sign a few near the dugout after the rain delay was over, but I couldn't get down there in time. I managed to get two rookie cards done, however.

  • Mark Trumbo- 2011 Topps, got this one near the visiting team's door underneath the grandstand on the third base side.
  • Peter Bourjos- 2010 Topps, got him to sign one near the dugout as the rain started to pick up again, so the signature bubbled quite a bit.

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