Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tigers @ Red Sox, 5/18: Verlander, Cabrera & More!

Rain isn't always a bad thing! When I got to the park, the tarp was on the field, but the pitchers went out to warm up in the outfield. Porcello signed down the entire line, then Penny saw a friend and got him to start signing while he was talking to his friend. Benoit was signing by the dugout for a while with a big smile on his face the whole time, talking to fans in the stands. It was tough to keep the cards dry, so there were a few smudges on the Porcello and Benoit cards. Jackson signed along the 3rd base line for everybody, then the rain picked up so I decided to go down the tunnel to dry out a little bit.

When I got to the bottom of the tunnel, I noticed a big crowd near the visitors' entrance and saw Verlander talking to Dan Kelly and a few other people. A Tigers fan with his young son asked if they could borrow my sharpie to try to get his kid's hat signed, so I obliged and the kid's dad took my card for me and waited for Verlander to finish talking, then got him to start signing. And signing. I think he signed for at least 20-30 people. The rain subsided about a half hour before game time, and most of the team took the field for stretching.

Cabrera came out and motioned to someone in the crowd that he'd come over in a minute to sign. He stayed true to his word and started to sign for a few minutes, then as I was handing him my card, the PA announcer asked for everyone to rise for a moment of silence for Harmon Killebrew. Cabrera rushed it and basically just signed his initials, then handed it back to me and rushed back to the field to stand alongside his teammates. V-Mart came over after the anthem and signed for everyone down there, capping off a rainy but productive night at Fenway.

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