Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New York-Penn League All-Star Game in Lowell, MA

Last night the Lowell Spinners hosted the All-Star game for the short season single A league. I arrived late, so I missed the National League's signing and only managed to get the pitchers from the American League's signing. I don't do much minor league graphing, so I only had a few cards to get signed. I got most of the guys inside a free program that featured each of the all-stars from both leagues.

They gave out nice commemorative tickets, ticketholders, and posters after the game, and it was definitely the best weather I've had all summer to watch a baseball game. I was hoping that a few old timers would be floating around, but the only memorable person I noticed was Sergeant Mickey O'Keefe of "The Fighter", who happens to be a real cop in the Lowell area.

  • Rich Gedman- 1988 Topps
  • Garin Cecchini- 2011 Bowman
  • American League All-Stars- 11 players in the All-Star program

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