Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 Spring Training Returns: Chris Parmelee, J.J. Putz, & Dave Bush

  • Chris Parmelee 2/2- On a team with multiple injuries, Chris fought his way into the Opening Day lineup for the Twins this year. He personalized his 12 Topps rookie card, and also signed a combo card with him and some of his rookie teammates from the 12 Topps Heritage set. Sent 3/20 (16 days)
  • J.J. Putz 2/2- The Diamondbacks reliever signed cards from the 08 Topps and 08 Allen & Ginter sets. Sent 2/21 (44 days)
  • Dave Bush 3/3- Dave signed cards from the 08 Upper Deck, 08 Topps, and 09 Topps sets from Phillies camp. Sent 2/25 (40 days)

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