Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marlins @ Red Sox, 6/19: HanRam & Jose

Tuesday night started out slow, but ended up being one of my best nights of the season so far.  After having no luck whatsoever during batting practice, I decided to check out which Red Sox alumni was signing autographs at the team store.  Fortunately, it was Sam Horn, and I happened to have a Red Sox team set of 88 Topps on me.  I had him sign the card, as well as a promotional giveaway black & white photo.

When I returned inside the stadium, I noticed a young girl with a big homemade "#1 Fan" sign for Hanley Ramirez, so I planted myself next to her.  Within a minute of entering the dugout, Hanley noticed, and came over to take a picture with her.  I suggested he sign her #1 Fan sign, and then he signed a card for me and a handful of others before retreating back to the dugout. 

With a signed Hanley card and a sense of satisfaction, I moved strategically down the line towards a guy wearing a Mets jersey with Reyes' name and number on the back.  Sure enough, Reyes came straight to that guy during warmups, having a conversation in Spanish and taking a picture with him before signing for a few people that were close by.  I was especially excited to meet Reyes, because he's my grandmother's favorite player.  Since she's a Mets fan, she was devastated when he left New York, but I was excited to tell her that I had met him. 

I also got Omar Infante on a set card, plus I had Logan Morrison sign a combo card that I'm hoping to complete by the end of the season.  For the $12 upper bleacher price of admission, it was a great night, and the Sox won, too!

  • Sam Horn- 88 Topps, promo photo
  • Logan Morrison- 11 Topps Heritage Rookie Parade (2 down, 3 to go)
  • Omar Infante- 09 Topps
  • Hanley Ramirez- 09 Topps
  • Jose Reyes- 09 Topps

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