Saturday, August 18, 2012

Futures at Fenway, 8/18

While my better half was back home for her bridal shower, I spent most of the day at Fenway taking in some minor league baseball.  I headed straight to the stadium after work, and made it right on time for the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox autograph signing.

They had the line split up between two tables, but fortunately you were able to pick which one you went down.  I opted for the Jose Iglesias- Daniel Bard line rather than the Ryan Kalish- Che Hsuan Lin line, mostly because I had more cards for Bard than anybody else.  The time frame for the auto session was only 45 minutes, but fortunately I was able to make it through towards the end before they cut off the line. For the guys I didn't have cards of, I had them sign the generic "I Met This Player at Fenway" 5X7 paper that they hand out to unprepared fools like me.

The doubleheader started with a game between the single-A affiliates of the Red Sox and Rays, the latter of which has former Sox pitcher Kyle Snyder as their pitching coach.  I was in a rush to get things together this morning, but I grabbed a DVD cover from the '07 World Series, the championship team that Snyder was a part of.  After the single-A game ended, I got Snyder to sign the cover over the dugout.  Then it was time for the AAA teams to take over.

I spent the rest of my time trying to get a few cards done for the Buffalo Bisons, the AAA affiliate of the Mets.  I didn't have a whole lot of cards for the team, but I got a few cards taken care of before sitting down to watch the game.  However, Chris Schwinden was nowhere to be found in uniform, even after the entire team was introduced on the field before the National Anthem.  Luckily, somebody else noticed him charting in the stands, so we waited until the game was over and got him.  We also noticed several scouts in the vicinity of Schwinden, so I was able to get J.P. Ricciardi on a blank as well.  It was a long day, but a good time.  And as a bonus, the entire event was Star Wars-themed, so my inner nerd was jumping for joy when Wally the Green Monster and Darth Vader had a lightsaber battle!


  1. You can't tell from the scan, but it's also serial numbered #1/99. I'm pretty happy with how it turmed out.