Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: 2012 Panini Triple Play

After Topps started releasing sticker sets for the MLB last season, it looks like Panini is trying to get in on the market for younger collectors, releasing Triple Play this year.  With 7 card packs going for just a dollar, there are definite pros and cons to this type of offering. 

First of all, don't plan on getting just cards in these packs.  There are also stickers and temporary tattoos interspersed amongst the regular baseball cards.

Second, don't plan on getting cards with any true likeness to the players.  In addition to not having official MLB licensing, all of the players are featured as caricatures and cartoons, some of which look like they were drawn from Disney drop-outs.  I've been waiting for this style of cards for a while, but it can be really hit-or-miss depending on the animation style used to design the players.

In addition to the stickers and tattoos, there are also a few insert sets. "Focus" features cards that are zoomed in on just the eyes of a player, making them look like a serial killer. "When I Was a Kid" has quotes from veterans talking about playing baseball when they were younger, and the artwork for these are by far the worst that Triple Play has to offer.  There is also a Hall of Fame set, which to my knowledge are the only cards in Triple Play that have realistic looking pictures of the players.  Additionally, there are 9-card puzzle pieces that feature the full picture on the front and 1/9 of the big picture on the back.  I'm pretty sure Donruss did something similar back in the 80's. 

My favorite part of these cards is the variety of background wallpapers for each team.  Of the cards that I pulled, I liked these the best:

Mariners- Anchors
Diamondbacks- Snake skin
Giants- Golden Gate Bridges
Rangers- State of Texas
Blue Jays- Maple leaves
Marlins- Palm trees

The Good.....

...The Bad, and the Ugly

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  1. <3 THESE CARDS.

    I can't wait to purchase some of these; if you didn't care for any of them, I'd love to take them off your hands! (hint, hint)