Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tigers @ Red Sox, 5/29

I had a ticket to last night's game and was very excited to see Verlander pitch in person.  He had an uncharacteristically bad start, but it was nice to see the home crowd actually get excited for the Sox.  The past four games I had been to this season, the Red Sox had lost every single one.  After getting autographs, I lucked out and was able to stay in the front row behind 3rd base, across the aisle from Jenny Dell.  Still no luck getting my Fielder picture signed, but I was happy to get Cabrera.

If the Cabrera card looks familiar, it's because I had the same one signed last year.  I tried sending it to Carlos Guillen to get signed through a Tigers charity foundation, but he retired and I never saw the card again.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to see him somewhere down the line so I can finish it off.  The first copy of the card I had signed, the national anthem was about to begin, so Miguel pretty much just initialed the card.  I got a nice, full signature this time around.

  • Miguel Cabrera- 09 Topps
  • Jhonny Peralta- 09 Topps, 12 Topps Gold Rush
  • Phil Coke- 09 Topps RC

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  1. Good luck with Guillen. I need him on two cards too.