Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rays @ Red Sox, 4/14

It seems like the Rays are struggling in the cold weather of the past few days, as a few of them seemed under the weather today.  To make matters worse, I didn't get a single player from either team today.  Fortunately, TBS was broadcasting the game and I was able to get a nice addition to my set.

  • Ron Darling- blank card
  • John Smoltz- 09 Topps
The first time I ever tried getting autographs before a game, my uncle took me to Yankee Stadium back in 1997.  I grew up a huge Chipper Jones fan, and the Braves were in town for interleague play.  The only autograph I got that day was John Smoltz on a baseball.  I remember I dropped the ball and watched it roll into the street about five minutes after I got it.  I still have that ball on display, albeit with a few battle scars from hitting the pavement.  Today was the first time I got John Smoltz's autograph since then, a span of 16 years.

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