Sunday, August 25, 2013

Box Break: 2012 Bowman Chrome- Xfractor Hot Box!

I haven't indulged in pack breaking in a few weeks, but I went to Target today and saw that last year's Bowman Chrome offering was on sale for $12.99.  I don't usually buy Bowman Chrome due to it having only 3 cards per pack, but I figured it was a decent enough bargain for 7 packs plus 1 "bonus" pack.

I started out by opening the "bonus" pack, which I assumed would be three refractors of some sort.  As expected, I found these:

I broke into the first official pack and found this trio:

Sweet, another cluster of xfractors.  Somebody must have messed up and thrown a few extra in a regular pack.  Surely there couldn't be more...

But the xfractor train kept rolling along, leaving me with a total of 21 xfractors, including the following additional players:  Jason Motte, Matt Dean, Forrest Snow, Colby Rasmus, Tom Milone, Manuel Hernandez, Justin Masterson, Aroldis Chapman, Wilsen Palacios, J.D. Martinez, Donald Lutz, and Shaun Marcum.

There were only three cards in the box that weren't x-fractors; two normal refractors of Ted Lilly and John Hellweg, along with a Futures Game insert of Yordano Ventura.  I know that none of these cards are worth much, but for someone that doesn't do much box breaking, it was pretty cool to have almost an entire box of x-fractors.

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