Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rangers vs. Orioles 9/4

This was the best day I've had all season doing major league autographing in person. I arrived at Camden Yards around 12 and there was a steady stream of players all the way up until about 3:00.

Outside the stadium:

  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Ty Wigginton
  • Luke Scott
  • Nelson Cruz
  • Frank Francisco
  • Kevin Millwood
  • Jarod Saltalamacchia
  • Marlon Byrd
  • Esteban German

Inside the stadium:

  • Omar Vizquel
  • Andruw Jones
  • Jarod Saltalamacchia
  • David Murphy

The main thing I learned today is that these Topps 2009 cards have nicer signatures when they're unprepped than when they're prepped with erasers. I plan on trying out the baby powder technique if I start to see bubbling, but it looks like the cards give pretty good signatures without any prepping.

Topps 2009 Set: 18/660 (2.7%)


  1. Better signatures unprepped? Really?

  2. If you click on the first group of pictures above, you can see how much better the Wigginton and Scott signatures showed up. Those cards were unprepped, compared to the Rodriguez that was prepped with an eraser.