Monday, September 21, 2009

Rays @ Orioles, 9/16

I had free tickets to the game, so I decided to go early and get some autographs inside the park.  I was going for Rays, but I was also prepared with some O's prospect cards as it was Minor League Appreciation night.  I missed Brandon Waring on the last day of the season at Bowie, but I spotted him behind homeplate in a suit as he was supposed to receive an award, so I got him to sign a card for me. 

  • Brandon Waring
  • Ben Zobrist (09 Upper Deck- for trade)
  • Carl Crawford (09 Topps)
  • Evan Longoria (09 Topps)
I was very exciting to get Longoria as I'm sure he's becoming increasingly more difficult to get as his young career progresses.  Overall, a very good night for only doing pre-game inside the park.

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