Saturday, May 8, 2010

Angels @ Red Sox, 5/3

This game was an absolute slugfest. The Sox scored 17 runs on about 20 hits, so there was plenty to cheer about on a night when the Bruins and Celtics also won playoff games.

  • Mike Cameron signed a 2007 Topps card by the dugout. He signed for at least 20 minutes and had a good system going, with people rolling balls down to him across the top of the dugout. I've always heard how great of a signer he can be, and especially since he's on the DL it was good to see him signing for so long.
  • Monday night's Autograph Alley guest was Jeff Plympton, who pitched for the Red Sox in 1991. Even though he spent very little time in the majors, he seemed like a really nice guy that was happy to still be involved with the team in some capacity. I like his signature because the end of it looks like a moose antler.
  • After leaving Autograph Alley, I stopped by the bathrooms on the 3rd base Grandstand level and found a surprising guest washing his hands next to me. Duff Goldman, the star of Food Network's "Ace of Cakes", was at the game to throw out the first pitch. The show takes place in Baltimore, so I followed it closely while I lived in Maryland and even saw his band and some of the other show's cast play a show at a club down there. He laughed when I asked for his autograph on a blank card in the bathroom, but obliged. Duff makes some awesome cakes, but his pitching abilities are less than stellar.

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