Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twins @ Red Sox, 5/20

I went to the game on the 19th and got shut out for the first time this season. I took a chance by standing alongside the Red Sox dugout, and a combination of rain and getting kicked out of the area early by the Fenway staff meant no autographs. Not to be discouraged, I went for the Twins outside the stadium today, and had a pretty good day for my Topps set.

  • Brian Duensing- '09 Topps
  • Jesse Crain- '09 Upper Deck
  • Jason Kubel- '09 Topps
  • Michael Cuddyer- '09 Topps, this guy has a really nice signature
  • Jeff Manship- Twins 2010 Schedule, it pays to send out for the fan packs during the offseason in case somebody's signing that you don't have a card for!
  • Denard Span- '09 Topps

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