Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twins @ Red Sox, 5/8

Today wasn't quite as good as yesterday, as the crowds outside the stadium were much larger for the Twins coming in. I stuck to the Red Sox side and ended up with a few Twins anyways.

  • Matt Capps- 10 Topps
  • Brian Duensing- 09 Topps RC (available for trade)
  • Ron Gardenhire- 06 Topps
  • Daniel Bard- 09 Topps U&H RC (available for trade)
  • Jose Mijares- Twins custom card
I got everything outside the stadium with the exception of Mijares. Over the two days I was there for the Twins, I got more than half the team, so it was a good series. After the game today, fans were invited to walk the warning track around the park, which was something that I hadn't done before. I wish they'd bring this element back into the Fenway Park tour, as I heard they used to several years ago.

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